O-Negative Blood

Marsh Regional Blood Center is always looking for more O-negative donors in our region. If you have an O-negative blood type, your donation can help even more people than you might realize.

What makes O-negative donors so special?

In an emergency, seconds matter. For many patients who need blood to survive, there often isn’t enough time to determine their blood type. Life-saving blood needs to be on hand and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

This is why O-negative – or universal – donors are so incredibly important. Unlike other blood types, O-negative can be transfused to patients of any blood type, making it the only blood type that can be immediately and safely administered in an emergency.

Only six percent of people in the entire world have O-negative blood! If you have O-negative blood, we ask you to please consider donating today. Your donation could help save the lives of your friends and neighbors.

There’s always a need for all other blood types as well. If you’re not sure of your blood type, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our contact page or call (423) 408-7500.

Donor incentives
When you commit to donating O- blood on a regular basis, you can earn some pretty cool incentives. Check out our 2024 reward program:

2 donations – $25 Food City gift card
4 donations – Admiral tote bag (choice of color)
5 donations – Choice of 2 Dollywood tickets, Barter Theater voucher, Igloo® cooler
*Dollywood tickets can be secured for 2024 or 2025 season
*Barter Theater voucher (good for up to four tickets depending on seat location)

  • Items may be substituted for an item of similar quality if out of stock.