Donor Benefits

200_Marsh_family1Regular Mini-Physical

It’s easy to have a mini-physical every two months when you donate blood. Each time you visit Marsh Regional Blood Center, we evaluate your blood pressure, pulse, temperature and red cell level – or hematocrit – prior to your donation. Knowing these values, especially if you donate regularly, can assist you in being more informed about your own health between regular visits to your physician and may even assist in detecting changes in these health indicators over time.

Consistent Blood Availability

Each time you give blood or platelets at Marsh Regional, you can rest assured your unit of blood, along with the units of other local donors, is waiting to be used for someone who needs it. Your donation helps ensure the consistent availability of necessary blood supplies for our region.

Give Blood, Feel Really Good

You will feel great after you donate blood simply because you have helped save as many as three lives, but there may be more to it than that. Anecdotal evidence indicates that many people, especially men – who typically have no natural method of reducing their excess iron stores – feel better after donating blood. That’s likely because each time you donate blood your iron level drops by a few points, and your body is required to produce “new” blood to replenish the “old” blood you gave to someone who needed it. It may work somewhat like a natural “oil change” for your body.

Honorary and Memorial Donations

The people we care about are priceless, and now the gift given to honor or remember them can be priceless, too. Marsh Regional offers the perfect opportunity to honor or remember that special person in your life while giving your generous gift of life to a person in need. When you make your Honorary or Memorial Gift of Life donation, we will send the friend or family member of your choice a card of acknowledgement. The next time you give blood to save a life, make your donation twice as special by honoring or remembering someone. Submission forms are available at any collection center to complete this process.

T-shirts, Refreshments and Other Items

Each time you donate blood at Marsh Regional, we encourage you to take home a small token of our appreciation. T-shirts, hats, notepads, ink pens, donation stickers, pocket knives, ice scrapers and magnetic automobile ribbons are just a few of the rotated items from which you can choose.

Special Events and Contests

Periodically, Marsh Regional conducts special contests and events to help make your donation experience as fun and enjoyable as possible. These activities often include festive decorations, seasonal refreshments, special t-shirts or giveaways and even opportunities to enter random drawings for larger items.

Donors4Life Program

Marsh Regional Blood Center’s Donors4Life Program offers donors who would like to give regularly – at least 4 times per year – the opportunity to have a reminder card mailed to their home prior to their next eligibility date. We also offer other benefits for this very special group from time to time.

Gallon and Multi-Gallon Awards

When donors reach the five-gallon milestone for donation, they receive a plaque on which they can display each successive gallon donation. In some Marsh Regional locations, small lapel pins are awarded at each gallon up to the five gallon level.